Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Andalusian Recipes 1. Dogfish with potatoes or in Spanish: Cazón con patatas

Dogfish with potatoes
One of the easy to made and delicious recipes of Andalusia is Dogfish with potatoes.
The dogfish is normally sold in slices and if you buy half a kilo, have some onions, potatoes, garlic and saffron or colouring powder, you are ready to make this special recipe for 4 people.

Dogfish, Hondshaai, Katzenhai, Chien de Mer
You bake the onion cut in slices in olive oil, half a cup
You cut the potatoes in small chops or in slices and add them to the onions when turning gold.
You bake the potatoes and add some garlic for some 15 minutes, turning and turning around.
You add some water and white wine or sherry (just covering the potatoes) and put the slices of dogfish on top.
Let this cook during 5 minutes, turn around the dogfish (careful) and let it cook for some other 5 minutes.
And: dish ready to be served!
Watch the video if you want more instructions and learn some more spanish.

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